Venture Capital

Access to the next unicorns and blue-chip companies of the blockchain ecosystem.


We focus on building a well-diversified tokenized funds portfolio in terms of region, stage, industry sector, fund manager and vintage year. Our investment strategy gives investors exposure to a portfolio of fast-growing companies in the blockchain ecosystem and thus to many potential unicorns.

Tokenized Venture Capital

We invest in the leading tokenized Venture Capital funds worldwide to have access to the best companies of the blockchain ecosystem.

Bankable Security & Liquidity

Investors can invest via bank transfer without any technical barriers. We offer our investors liquidity by investing in tokenized assets only.



Our portfolio companies show hyper-growth, e.g. Securitize: 2-year growth rate of 1700% (6th fastest-growing company in Israel).

Through our continuous portfolio build-up, investors will have access to the value appreciation of over 100 companies.

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