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Sustainable Bitcoin Investments

Image by Sebastian Unrau

Bitcoin has proven to be one of the most attractive assets over the last few years. However, its Proof-of-Work mechanism is highly energy-intensive and thus not a sustainable solution.  We encounter this problem and offer a solution to fully off-setting the CO2 exposure using capital market mechanics while benefiting from the massive return potential.

World’s first investment product offered as a bankable security that is fully off-setting the carbon footprint of a Bitcoin investment through a dedicated capital markets oriented approach.

Key Features

Bitcoin Exposure

Investors benefit from the huge return potential of Bitcoin which are fully collateralized.


We apply an investment approach when off-setting CO2 exposure and thus ensuring full participation on investment opportunities.

Market Signal

CO2 Offsetting through a systematical net equity exposure (long «green economy”/”short brown economy”)

Swiss ISIN

The product is offered as a bankable security and qualified investor may easily invest via bank transfer.


Daily subscription and redemption possibilities give investors an attractive flexibility in their asset allocation.


We work with the leading service providers and offer state-of-the-art security measures.

Our Service Providers

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Sustainable investing will become increasingly important. However, we believe that this should not have a negative impact on the return.



Investor Relations

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