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Staking Services

Computer Circuit Board

As an independent Swiss institutional asset manager, we are actively participating in the governance and security of selected protocols via white-labelled validator nodes.

Direct access to staking rewards, with best-in-class validators, from an organization you can trust.

Key Features


We do not take custody of assets, and our validators are open to everyone.

Open for all

We accept delegations from any token holder for the networks that we run validators for globally, whether institutional investors or retail network participants.

Easy Access

After locking tokens up in our validators, delegators will immediately start to generate 'staking rewards' which are paid out automatically, directly to their connected wallets.

Supported Protocols

Earth and Space
Proof-of-Stake protocols are using up to 99.5% less energy than those based Proof-of-Work. We at Tavis Digital want to support a sustainable blockchain ecosystem by supporting such initiatives.


Investor Relations

+41 44 575 63 80

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