Hansjorg Sommerau

Business Development

Hansjörg has extensive experience in real estate and working with institutional clients.

As co-founder of the Swiss Capital Group and Senior Partner for many years, Hansjörg has been active in building up the Swiss Capital divisions and the client base for over 14 years. Over the past seven years, he has focused on customer-specific solutions and the development of the real estate sector. During this time, he built up the real estate asset management and led this unit. In 2012, he spun off the real estate activities and continued them from 2013 under Swiss Capital Property AG. From 1985 to 1997, Hansjörg spent 12 years in various functions at Hansjörg holds a UBS, most recently as Head of Sales & Fixed Income Europe at UBS Ltd. in London.

Hansjörg is also the CEO & Managing Partner of Tavis Capital AG – Tavis Digital’s sister company.

Hansjörg holds a Master of Economics from the University of St. Gallen.

"Fundamentally, blockchain technology has the potential to give rise to a multi-trillion USD market. The future unicorns and blue-chip companies of this ecosystem are being founded and built today and being financed via Digital Securities Offerings and investments from well-known Venture Capital firms.

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