Crypto Core Enhanced

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Crypto markets are (still) largely driven by emotional investors and thus irrational investment decisions. We make use of this condition an convert volatility into profit.

The Tavis Digital “Crypto Core Enhanced" AMC gives investor access to an automated threshold rebalancing algorithm that enhances a long-only strategy in Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Key Features

Core Cryptos

A proprietary algorithm will be applied to Bitcoin & Ethereum as their characteristics are optimally suited.

Smart Rebalancing

Crypto assets and their trading implications allow for one of the most efficient implementations of an automated threshold rebalancing mechanism.


24/7 automated execution using an algorithm directly integrated into Bitfinex via an API.

Swiss ISIN

The product is offered as a bankable security and qualified investor may easily invest via bank transfer.


Monthly subscription and redemption possibilities give investors an attractive flexibility in their asset allocation.


We work with the leading service providers and offer state-of-the-art security measures.

Our Service Providers

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What are Actively Managed Certificates (AMC)?

AMCs are structured products offering participation in an underlying portfolio of assets. It is a debt instrument issued by a Special Purpose Vehicule as a structured product comprising a portfolio of underlying assets that follow a dynamic approach and allow active management of the chosen investment strategy like an index. (liquid securities, bonds, funds, shares, derivatives, currencies, etc.).

Who is eligible as an investor?

In and from Switzerland the Product can only be sold to institutional and professional clients pursuant to the Swiss Financial Services Act.

I am a Qualified Investor. How can I invest?

All our products have their own Swiss ISIN and investors can subscribe to them via bank. For further information, please contact your bank agent.

How can I learn more about the product?

Our Portfolio Management team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out at any time – contact details on the right side.


Rene Schmidli

Managing Partner

+41 44 575 63 62

Sandro Bruehlmann

Portfolio Management

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