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Blockchain Infrastructure

Access to leading and aspiring proof-of-stake blockchain protocols that are forming the backbone of next generation financial services and Web 3.0 infrastructure.

Many Networks, One Financial Product

Tavis Digital invests in a broad range of leading and up-and-coming protocols and wraps them up in one, easy accessible, financial product in the form of a bankable; perfect for traditional investors and financial institutions.

Capital Appreciation + Fixed Income

Tavis Digital allocates capital into the underlying digital assets of cutting edge proof-of-stake blockchain networks, and stakes the assets. This means taking part in the security and governance of each network. In doing so, staking rewards are generated, which are paid out to our investors.

Actively Managed Portfolio

Our fund managers are expert researchers in the blockchain ecosystem. Having their fingers on the pulse and knowing when to add new networks or drop currently held ones to and from the pools gives investors peace of mind that ROI and yields are continuously being optimized.

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Dual-Pool Portfolio

We actively manage two pools of networks' underlying digital assets.

Core Pool

Consists of higher capitalized, foundational networks that have fostered significant ecosystems on and around them.


Growth Pool

Contains lower capitalized networks with more niche applications and use cases, and in many cases, higher growth potential.

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Tavis Digital GmbH is an SRO-Member VQF. SRO-VQF is an officially recognized self-regulatory organization (SRO) according to the Anti-Money-Laundering Act (AMLA) ( Supervision by the VQF is limited to Tavis Digital GmbH in Switzerland.

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