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Blockchain Impact Investments

Image by Raphaël Biscaldi

We believe in the potential of SDG-relevant Blockchain technology applications and their ability to deliver positive impact on the planet and society. 

We launched a globally first-of-its-kind Impact Investment product, out of our Blockchain Innovation Lab, with the aim to create a financially attractive and bankable Impact Investment product with positive impact on society and the planet. The Tavis Digital “Blockchain Impact Investments" AMC gives selected investors access to seed to growth-stage token investments, while contributing to the development of a new market and UN SDG relevant Blockchain infrastructure.

Key Features


We build an investment portfolio that is diversified across regions, sectors and development stages.


The Blockchain for Impact space is still nascent. We focus on early-stage tokens in developing ecosystems with high potential.


Our network allows us to get access to new tokens early on and through various digital token exchanges.

Swiss ISIN

The product is offered as a bankable security and qualified investor may easily invest via bank transfer.


Monthly subscription and redemption possibilities give investors an attractive flexibility in their asset allocation.


We work with the leading service providers and offer state-of-the-art security measures.

Our Service Providers

Foggy Forest
Intentionality and impact reporting form part of Impact Investing. When SDG relevance is identified and ESG eligibility tested, Blockchain token investing can be seen as new form of Impact Investing.



Investor Relations

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